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It’s a Monday morning and I’m feeling grateful (a rare and unnatural occurrence for a Monday). I spent the weekend with The Brevet, who blew the roof off the GoldenLight Cantina on Saturday night.

The band, who hails from California, played for the first time in Amarillo to a full capacity crowd. Playing songs from their entire catalog, but focusing on songs from their latest album, ‘LEGS’. The crowd was prompted by lead singer Aric Chase Damm to clap and sing along. It was a tall order for a band that didn’t have an opening act, but after the first song, no one seemed to remember they walked out on a cold stage.

People danced, clapped, and sang along to songs, specifically “Gateway Drug”, which Damm exclaimed afterwards, “I didn’t know you guys knew that one.” The band finished out their set with “So Long”, another FM90 favorite.

The merch line was packed, and I myself waited over an hour to say goodnight to the band before they made the trek back to California that night.

Thank you again to the GoldenLight for their hospitality and hard work putting this show together. Of course, a huge thank you to The Brevet for the music, energy, and love you poured out to the crowd. And, thank you to all of the FM90 listeners who have been by our side for so many years. Our students learn what REAL radio is because of you!

Amy Presley
Program Director

May 31, 22

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