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FM90 is excited to present The Brevet to the GoldenLight Cantina on Saturday, February 23rd.

I recently did an interview with Aric Chase Damm, the lead singer for The Brevet and he is excited to play Amarillo for the first time ever. The band will be supporting their newest album ‘LEGS’. FM90 has had a great response to the two latest singles from the album, “So Long” and “Gateway Drug”.

The Brevet hails from California and pride themselves on the energy they bring to their live shows. With Damm’s commanding voice leading the charge, the songs have instantly recognizable hooks that will have you singing along before the end.

FM90 is giving away tickets to the show, autographed merch, and dinner with the band. We’ll have chances to get qualified before the February 20th drawing.

Tickets for the show are on sale now:

We can’t wait to see everyone on the 23rd!

Amy Presley

Program Director




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