FM90 Blog

FM90’s Body and Soul and the 806 Coffee + Lounge will be showcasing area hip-hop and rap artists on December 15th from 9PM-11PM. This will be another Pop-Up Show for us this year.

The event is being organized by FM90 DJs and our music director Christopher Key. The students are choosing the artists that they love. The artists that best represent our area’s hip-hop scene. Every element of this event will be planned by the students.

Having a show like this has been a desire of mine since I walked in the door at FM90. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to put it together. When Chris came to me and told me he wanted to put together a show like this I was elated. He is thinking of things I never thought of. I am completely behind his decision to focus on bringing artists together for a night and focus on a charity aspect as well.

We’re working on the lineup of artists right now and we’ll have more info as soon as we nail everything down.

The DJs of FM90 as excited to share their love of music with you, and we can’t wait to see you on Saturday, December 15th!

Amy Presley
FM90 Program Director